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Hi tenea... I am in Canada and while our health system is not perfect, and where I live there is a shortage of doctors and I don't even have a family doctor (at age 77)... I have been fortunate that most medical costs are covered and I worked my adult life and when retired still was covered by the employee medical plan which also covers my spouse. He also worked but where he worked, the day he retired his employee medical costs stopped. How those with no additional medical insurance including dental costs are managing I have no idea.
You mention the variety of nose drops - well you did your best at the time... I am the same with dry eye over the counter eye drops. For the past may 15 to 20 years (and over the counter have to pay for myself) I think I tried every single one they sold, now for past few years buying ones with no preservative: but I still feel I am "putting chemicals in my eyes." Now I have Glaucoma its a much stronger drop every night and there is a medical information sheet that lists what the drops can cause... but to get back to your issues..... good advice from Erika sh is so helpful.... hope you find some more help/answers. J.

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I have severely dry eyes! I am to use eye drops several times a day. My specialist told me you cannot overdose by using to may eye drops! I was afraid just like you! He recommended Restasis! Perhaps that will make you feel better. I use nasal sprays every night so I can breathe--then some of them (Afrin for severe congestion) makes my nose burn like crazy some nights--it is the only one which helps me breathe. Then, it burns. That is what scares me but it is the only one which helps me breathe. A surgeon wants to operate on my severely deviated septum but I am not a spring chicken and I have had so many surgeries that I do not want any more. The back surgeons want to operate on my back but no, it scares me to even think about it! Perhaps you could go to an ENT and he will give you peace of mind. Prayers!

I have other problems. One of which is I have to pee (a lot) ever half hour every night! I get no sleep and I do not and cannot take naps.! I feel like a zombie.