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TMD and misaligned face

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Welcome to Mayo Connect. We are a community of people living with a wide variety of conditions, here to get some answers and share our experiences. We are not medical professionals, and therefore cannot provide either medical advice or diagnosis.
It sounds to me like you are anxious about your jaw and possible ear/throat symptoms. I can assure you that bruxism and TMJ issues, while frustrating, will not be permanently affected by your delay in treatment. Surgery is a rarely used option, and only after a series of other treatments, including self-care, have failed.

In the meantime, people sometimes can get relief from self-treatment, including heat or ice, and a series of exercises. You can read about it here: https://health.clevelandclinic.org/stubborn-tmj-pain-try-trigger-point-massage-and-jaw-exercises/

In these strange and stressful time, it is easy to say this, but do whatever you can to reduce your stress level too – deep breathing, stretching, physical exercise, soothing music, meditation. And avoid activities that increase tension in your body – including competitive video gaming, which causes tension in the neck shoulders & jaw.
Let us know how things go!

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Thank you, this helps a lot! I now feel more comfortable waiting the month or so for my dental appointment. It'll be a long process before I can have as symmetrical a face as possible, but one step at a time. Thanks again!