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I will not lie to you. It’s not nearly as good as the trial but I believe that is due to an arrogant, know it all, SOB of a neurosurgeon who didn’t listen to a word I said. He just wanted a profit of the lead he used, “the one he designed.”
If you have a neurosurgeon that uses the information obtained in the trial, inserts the correct lead or leads you need where you need them and you are PATIENT during the initial programming phase, it will benefit you.

Do not expect miracles. Expect treatment. Do not expect your pain to vanish, expect it to be managed like you are having done right now.

And communicate with your Abbott person. Build a relationship with whomever it is. He or she will be the most valuable person to you. Learn about your system inside and out, and you will benefit. Don’t and you won’t.

I will say this: if you don’t have a mental health counselor or psychiatrist to help you through your pain management especially if you are getting a SCS, find one. The emotional toll that enduring pain that warrants one is overloading on the psyche and it helps to vent to someone who knows nothing about you but words on a page. If you weren’t required to talk to one before your trial, stop now and see one. A SCS is not an easy thing to manage or live with.

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@faithwalker007 After reading your posts through the last few months.. it has made me critically aware that Location, Location, Location is a real advantage not only in Real Estate but Medical Care.. The use of Technology brought to the front of our awareness during the Pandemic should become critical to those who live, by choice, in remote locations at advanced age….
The last appointment I had with my GI doc at Mayo MN was by phone … and the next one will be that too… I have decent Medical Facilities here in Central Iowa.. but Mayo is just a 3 and a half hour drive away to the North.. Hearing Aids can be adjusted remotely now… so much is available through internet connections… Our connectivity is critical to our health these days… Ken