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Thanks virgo52, as far as backstory, it’s pretty straightforward. I contracted my first case from the community, either from Deadwood at one of the casinos, or from church from a fellow member who’s son had it in Denver Children’s Hospital at the time (he was a cancer patient- fully recovered, by the way.) I proceeded to go to the doctor for three weeks and was told I had the stomach flu. Finally ended up in the hospital, severely dehydrated, dangerously low BP, low BS, and tested positive for C Diff and with infectious colitis.
I was started on Flagyl, and Doxycycline, and something else, and continued to dehydrate. It’s a blur, I’m just telling you what they told me. Because I’m epileptic, they had me pretty sedated. They were going to transfer me to Casper or Rapid City, but my bowels would not allow it. They switched me to IV Vancomycin and I began to improve. Another three or four days later, i was well enough to go home. I remained on Vancomycin for two more weeks.
Within four days, I was sick again. They started another course. 14 more days. I was okay until a few months later I received Clindamycin for a skin infection. Wham! The infectious colitis was back and I was tested. C diff was back. They tried metronidazole and the other meds. No luck. Back on Vancomycin it was. Two weeks. Knocked it out.
The next round was about two or three months later and I really don’t know if it was C diff or a stomach bug. All I know is I had severe diarrhea and my PCP said “here’s some Vanco, we are not messing with this.” I took ten days of it and it was gone.
The last round was after my DRG Spinal Cord Stimulator Insertion. I had been tested pre-op and know that I had no active C diff infection. I warned all of my doctors, nurses (pre-and post-op), anesthesiologists, everybody that I was a HIGH-RISK C DIFF PATIENT WITH 4 PREVIOUS BOUTS IN THE PREVIOUS YEAR. NOT A SOUL TOOK PRECAUTIONS OR PASSED THE WORD TO THEIR CO-WORKERS.
I went home the next day after profusely complaining to the FLOOR NURSE.
Within 48 hours, I had C Diff signs and symptoms and within the next 24 hours I had the worst full-blown case of C diff I had ever had. I was literally crawling on the floor to the bathroom for three days. I called my doctor and they started me on vancomycin AGAIN.
I have never been referred to a GI SPECIALIST. I have never been referred to INFECTIOUS DISEASE SPECIALIST. I SIMPLY DO THE RESEARCH AND MAKE SURE I’M OKAY.

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Sorry you are going through all this. This is such a viscous cycle. I did have two bouts of c Diff and now 6 months later and still have my ups and downs and nowhere near normal. I think I am still recovering and I keep changing diets. I am currently working with a nutritionist as they do help tremendously with diet. Food is key to a good recovery and to take care of your gut and feed those good bacteria. Are you taking S Boulardii with your antibiotic? And any other probiotic? Heard bone broth speed up recovery and help heal your gut. Keep me posted and hope this would be the last one for you.

I pray you are doing much better by now. How did you come out with your DRG SCS Insertion? I had the trial Abbott Burst DR SCS, trying to decide whether or not to have the permanent one inserted, BOG DECISION! Good luck!

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