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Hi @faithwalker007, I added this discussion to the Digestive Health group as well as the Infectious Diseases group. We have several discussion about C-difficile:
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However, I like the focus on prevention when living with high-risk of reinfection. I'd like to bring @sandyabbey @losthope @ngorman25 @mhi @cece55 @pines @virgo1952 @astaingegerdm and others into this discussion.

What are your prevention tips? What prevention measures have been recommended by your health care team?

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I have no health care team for my C. diff. I have been teaching myself, doing what I’ve thought best. I’ve been literally hung out to dry.

Hello Colleen,

I'd like to comment on what I am doing as far as prevention for my episode of c-diff. Thank you for bringing me into the conversation. I had 10 days of Vanacomycin from my Mayo GI and was very nervous about a relapse. Mentally, I was a basket case. My GI was great and reassured me of the options that were out there, especially that Mayo was on the cutting edge of treatments for c-diff. He calmed me down. It has been two months since my diagnosis. I developed c-diff after taking Clindomycin. They need to take that drug off of the market.

I take two Florastor capsultes daily. One in the morning and one at night. I never miss. I also changed my diet. I eat totally dairy free and gluten free. I have found great substitutes for the foods that I used to eat in these categories. I also do not eat any processed foods to the best of my ability. Basically, I eat whole, fresh foods. I also have cut out sugar. Do I cheat? Yes. 🙂 Everyone needs a treat now and then but I really stick to this diet. It works for me.

I am praying that my episode was a one time occurrence for me. All my doctors are aware of the fact that I have had c-diff. I don't know what will happen if I need to go on an antibiotic. But I do know that the worry can be as bad as the infection so I am trying my best to just move forward and enjoy my life.

Blessings to all of you and stay safe,
CeCe 55