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Intimacy and cancer

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As a man, I will say sex is not like a switch (on/off). There are many factors mostly in our heads that might cause us to avoid sex.
When we are young the switch never gets turned off. However, as we age and our partner's age there are little voices in our male heads that cause doubt about the switch coming on. So rather than find out for sure we might avoid sex altogether. The blue pill does not make us horny. First, we have to be aroused then it helps get and maintain an erection. However, if that little voice won't shut up it ain't gonna happen. Been there done all of this over the years.

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Regarding the little voices in our little male brains. I should have added that while Viagra does not get us aroused it is a huge confidence booster. Sometimes that is all it takes to quiet those anoying voices. Generic Viagra (sildenafil) is really cheap now. Use the GoodRx app when you pay. In most cases less than $1 a pill. However it still requires a prescription, but even that can be done online now.