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Lock down from COVID and Depression

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@susu2 I’m so sorry to hear that you’re are getting weaker and that depression is setting in. This has been such a difficult time for everyone. It makes me think of my mom who at age 96, lives alone in a retirement facility. We have really worried about her and being alone for a year. So we set up some plans to keep her busy. One sister taught her how to use Facebook so she can keep up with her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. And, she loves it! And every month or two, we have a whole family FaceTime call (thru Facebook).
Do you have someone who can help with something like this?
And yes, the orthopedist was right. Everyone gets weaker if they don’t use their muscles and get moving. Even just walking around your house will help. I posted the link to a discussion about our virtual walking group. It has helped many of us get into the habit of walking or doing some exercise. And we have some great conversation along the way!
Will you join us? Becky

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@becsbuddy We are all so thankful for the technology that allows us contact during this pandemic, and that's even more important for older people like your mother. It's wonderful that she has learned how to use Facebook to use posts and that the whole family does FaceTime with her. My sister and I have often commented, even before this pandemic, how much my mother would have loved the technology we have now.

@susu2 Obviously you have internet access, do you have it on something bigger than an iPhone or Android? If so there are some great exercise videos that help in all kinds of ways. You can do it on a phone but I think that small screen would make it more difficult. I do a couple of videos a day by others, my favorites are by a physical therapist.
Joanna generally demonstrates the exercises both standing in sitting in a chair. Many include a good deal of walking. Joanna Marcinekova is an Exercise Physiologist with a Master's Degree so she is well qualified. The following is just one of the videos that cater to those who need to be seated or need less vigorous exercise. If you do a Youtube search on her name you will come up with many more.