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Visiting Medical Facilities with your loved one

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@proff and @verilee1776 oh my gosh! I just saw your discussion. As a nurse, I never ran into this kind of situation. When you say “I have a copy of his power of attorney” are you referring to a medical durable power of attorney? Not a legal POA for business affairs. Do you give them a copy with each visit?
Ever since I was diagnosed with a serious autoimmune disease 3years ago, my husband has accompanied me to every appointment. The doctors,nurses, therapists know that he asks and answers questions that I’m unable to.
I like the idea of doing an inservice for all the staff, but find out from the office what’s a good time and make it short. Maybe bring lunch or a treat! Be very positive like you’re just reminding them of something they already know.
You might also find out if the doctors are part of a larger practice with a practice manager. You could approach this person, explain what happens, and ask about doing an informative inservice.
Be advocates for your spouses!

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Hi Becky, right now most physicians are part of medical groups. We have 3 major groups and all are affiliated with our hospitals. The first issue is getting certification and finding where that training may be attained, the second is getting into the continuing education for medical facilities. One rub is that, at least the last time I checked, Wisconsin has no mandated continuing education requirement so it is taken care of by the hospitals. Every member of the staff needs to have some form of education from reception to security, to nursing stations, to the physicians themselves. So, it is a matter of setting up programs through the hospital systems. Even if they only watched the free Teepa Snow videos on YouTube, they'd be ahead!

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