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Assisted Living and DNR (Do Not Resuscitate)

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I have had issues with hospice too. My mom is not "dying" soon, but hospice likes to overdrug. Its been awful, very rude supervisor too, who claims to be a "pain expert" and gave my mom meds she was hallucinating on. They were supposed to go through me before giving but ignored it. Trying to figure out how to file complaints… NEVER will I go into hospice, told my kids. Its disgusting!

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Hello @rarelybees2889 I have a question based on your post here. Is your mom in an assisted living facility or actual hospice care? They are very different from each other. In my wife's case she had to actually have her doctor prescribe that she enter hospice care.

Strength, courage, and peace

@rarelybees2889 Langold, you can either go up the chain… contact whomever is over the supervisor or contact your Mom's case worker. No matter if your mom is in a hospice facility, assisted living or nursing home.. they all have an administrator over supervisors that you can contact. You can find out who her social worker is through your local county.. sometimes city/town government… Human Resources or sometimes Health added in or other wording. If there is another place better you can move her to.. look into it.

Do you have Power of Attorney and power over health decisions? If not get them!

My mom went into a hospice facility about two weeks before she passed. Another woman across the hall was in there for respite care. The staff was very caring to all their residents. My cousin that lived in another state was in home hospice care for a couple of years or so. My cousin-in law said they were a wonderful help to him and her.

My problem was the nursing home giving my mom meds that she was not suppose to take. I got the statements from insurance telling me what they were giving her…. Sometimes I could tell they had given her something before the statement came. It was easier before covid when I could visit her. I would ask the nurse to show me my mom's med list… tell them to make a note that med makes her Mobitz (bradycardia) worse.

We had similar experience with my mother-in-law. She was in a nursing home and her doctor had her go into the hospice program. The hospice program took over her care in the nursing home. After 5 days, she was so over drugged, she didn’t recognize her daughter or me, so we fired them and the nursing home took great care of her for almost 4 weeks before she passed. We would never want to go into a hospice program.

Hello @rarelybees2889

As Scott, @IndianaScott, asked, did your mom's doctor prescribe hospice care for your mom?

In most areas, there are several different hospice care organizations. Have you looked into changing the hospice organization to another one? Given that you are uncomfortable with your mom's treatment and lack of communication with you from as you said, "very rude supervisor" I would be inclined to find another hospice organization to care for your mom.

Is this an option that you have considered?

@rarelybees2889 I’m sorry you’re having problems with this particular hospice. There are so many hospice organizations in each town or city. Most are great, some not so great. Don’t give up on hospice, you’ve run into a few bad pennies. It was suggested that you speak to an administrator—are you able to do that?

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