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I am trying to deal with the loss of our only child.

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I am so sorry for the loss of your son Richard. To lose a child and the out of order death is a pain that no one can imagine and my heart hurts for us all. I also do not have knowledge of the Article 42 and would also suggest legal advice. I think every state has a "Legal Aid" agency that is a nonprofit and maybe they could suggest some ideas. I lost my only son Derek at age 28 to brain cancer in April, 2019. The posts on here have been amazing and with ideas and suggestions on what has helped others on their grief journey. I am only 21 months into my grief journey and some of what has been mentioned has helped me too. Having a grief counselor who specializes in grief and trauma has been my life preserver and I have been with her this entire time. I have also taken writing classes via zoom with a facilitator that has helped me as I rage on a page, cry and at times am able to think of Derek and all that he was and smile that I was and will always be his mom. I walk the lake a lot when it is warm enough to do so and start my walk with "Dear Derek" and I talk to him about all that is going on and how much I miss him. At first I would cry immediately after I said his name, now the more I say it the more it helps me, but that is just me. Everyone grieves in their own individual way. I will end with this…..Our love for a children is so immense and therefore our grief is just as immense. Like a train track, love on one track and grief on the other, trying to figure out how to somehow move forward (not move on) after a loss of a precious child means love and grief together can help us out of the dark hole and into the light. Sending you hugs and hope that you know Richard's love for you will forever be with you.

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Holly- Thanks for your posting. Condolences on your loss. I concur that the amount of grief is directly proportional to the amount of love. I needed to be reminded and accept that Richard's love for me will forever be with me and cannot be taken away. Your kind response helps me through this day. Have a great day and walk with Derek!