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Stroke and glucose Intolerance

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Thank you John @johnbishop. You did the right things for your weight loss. I at first tried to lose weight by eating less shortly after my AVM. I lost a couple pounds with difficulty. The scale fluctuated. I was suspicious then because the numbers seemed odd. I am surprised the medical staff had no answers when I had developed thirst, dry mouth, and a sensitivity to the sweet taste in foods a couple months later. With any food I ate, the sweet taste was overwhelming. It became difficult to eat. I ate very little but my weight increased. I continued to try with the Keto diet. My husband lost weight. I did not.
Which bluetooth scale did you use? I have a couple of digital scales I use without bluetooth capability. Through the websites I learned that having a high blood sugar count can cause injury to nerves. No specifics as to how much blood sugar exactly. I believe we need to keep being mobile to avoid becoming blood glucose intolerant. In my case diet alone did not help treat my blood glucose intolerance. Thankfully, I later consumed low carbs. I learned by trial and error. Imagine people seek medical attention for help but instead they develop more health issues. That is why it is so important to be your own advocate. My neurologist was well known for his specialty in AVMs. He is an author of several books on the subject. In fact, I had him sign one of his books for me. I don’t blame him or the medical industry for not knowing. Just remember our doctors may not be the best person for answering our medical questions because they do not experience the issues as we do.

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I use a GreaterGoods Smart Scale $25 – syncs well with my iPhone and has a free Weight Gurus app you can download to keep track of all of the readings. https://www.amazon.com/Bluetooth-GreaterGoods-Composition-Bathroom-Connected/dp/B07DHSSND5/ref=sr_1_7