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Stroke and glucose Intolerance

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Hi John @johnbishop I was not aware either. I had a concern about losing weight and told my new pcp I had trouble and wanted advice but either he did not hear me or ignored my request. Since I did not know much information I did not push my concerns until I got my lab results. I couldn’t understand why my blood glucose level, although within normal limits, was on the high end of the spectrum. I spoke to his office and mentioned I was on the Keto diet at the time, why was it so high? I had been on the diet for 4 months. All the nurse told me was to continue what I was doing. I decided to stop the diet but I remained eating low carbs til this day. I will see my pcp in 2 months to get my new lab results. This time I will be adamant for information and answers. If he doesn’t know I will see a physician who can help. I started researching online a few days ago when I discovered other stroke survivors had difficulty losing weight. Thanks for the information. I am thinking maybe a nutritionist may also offer guidance. Have you had experience with a nutritionist? Toni

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Hi Toni @avmcbellar, I did meet with a nutritionist 4 or 5 years ago but was a little disappointed since I felt they weren't telling me anything I didn't already know or maybe I wasn't listening well. Since reading @LeeAase's My Health Journey (https://social-media-university-global.org/my-health-journey/) I think I've found a way that I can lose weight and maintain it through alternate fasting by making sure I have at least a 16, 18, or 20 hour fasting period daily. I started out at about 246 pounds in Jan of last year and am now at 210 with a goal of 200 pounds. What's helped also is having a Bluetooth scale that shows body fat, muscle mass, water weight and BMI so that you can tell that the fat is being burned vs water weight loss. The entry in Lee's health journey that got me started was "An Unfortunately Named Book – The Obesity Code" which had the following video link by Dr. Jason Fung: