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Have family but never see them…took turmeric capsules zinc, Centrum, and then prednisone when lung issues hard to breathe came on day nine…till day fifteen…also used inhaler and Robitussin chest congestion medicine….kept close touch online with my Dr. He did prescribe the other steroid they use in hospital but it is still at pharmacy….no one to get it. Do not need now. I ordered groceries from Kroger and once my granddaughter picked them up for me, .

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@cctoo, I am so glad you were able to stay in close touch with your doctor but so regret there was not delivery available of the steroid from your pharmacy. Until recently when it closed, we had one pharmacy in town which made deliveries.

This evening our local news reported that our civic center would administer the vaccine carside for those unable to access the center. However, there is a real need here but not yet anything in place for mobile units to deliver and administer the vaccs to those unable to leave their homes.

These are challenges many who live alone and without support face and there are no easy solutions. If the vaccine will be available soon in your area, will there be a way for you to get it? Is there a family member, neighbor or friend who could drive you to the location?