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MAC and getting the COVID vaccine

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Irene – I think we all wish there was
1) a nationwide standard
2) a nationwide plan
3) a consistent process and
4) clear communication.
But then I remember this is all being done "on the fly" because of how new the virus is, the speed at which the vaccine was developed, and the overall pandemic policy of leaving as much as possible to the states. The saddest thing is that the Federal government can "deficit spend" to put things in place, but most states cannot. In order to do Covid-related work, states must get money from the Feds or cut something else, which creates an additional complication.

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Im glad there's not a federal standard. I very much disagreed with the CDC's proposed allocation guidelines, which put 65+ and medical conditions AFTER essential workers– (which consists of just about everyone with a job, and a good lobbyist that argues their work is essential.). I testified in our state hearing in favor of keeping 65+ as cutoff and serious medical conditions getting priority, and it was adopted.

I'm in Virginia where our governor is a doctor. It has been a major mess here. We've been supplied with the vaccine but the "distribution plan" has been non-existent for the most part. Some cities have done an outstanding job. Many other, no. I don't see what the big deal is all about. Pharmacies do this every single year, administering the flu vaccines, done! Why the same protocol isn't being applied is beyond me. Not to mention the PCPs haven't been supplied……?????