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Yes – diagnosed as chronic or permanent.

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Welcome to the group. I have had AFIB for a lot of years now. In my early years with this condition, I did like a lot of folks does. I just blew it off. Mine wasn't real bad at first. Then back around 2004 I had two sessions that lasted 7+ hours and 4+ hours. Spent a few days in hospital. They did almost every test you could think of and found nothing. It became and still is very frustrating. So now, I am waiting on my second attempt at the Watchman. If the second one fails, I do not know what route I will go. Please, take the time to read all the posts in this thread, do lots of research, talk to you medical team.

I keep hearing about "silent AFIB" and can find almost nothing about it. So I keep looking for answers and waiting on doctors. It is very frustrating for me because I do not like the waiting part. I am one of those people that want to get it done. Hope all works out well for you. If you have questions, please ask.

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