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Watchman device

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@phoenix1647, I'm sorry to hear that getting the Watchman device was such a negative experience for you. It's sounds like, aside from not being able to seal the left atrial appendage (LAA), be unprepared for what to expect was equally upsetting. Had the procedure been properly described, much of the unnecessary suffering could have been avoided I suspect. I'm grateful that you shared your experience to help others be better prepared to ask questions about what to expect.

Here's a video with Mayo cardiovascular surgeons talking about the:
– Pros and Cons of LAA Occlusion Devices vs Anticoagulation https://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/930190

So now your main concern I assumed to get the LAA successfully sealed. @1943 @ronva2co and @kidsincollege have had the Watchman device inserted and may have some thoughts to share.

Phoenix, will you talk to your cardiologist about the discomfort your experienced with the procedure and discuss ways to improve the next procedure?

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I have a 5 page letter all ready for my follow-up at the end of the month.There is more to the letter than what I posted dealing with not getting anything to eat. That was due to the hospital and not the procedure itself. The hospital ward was full and all the nurses were rushed. Not making an excuse for them, just saying. The lack of good care was not expected. Not gripping here. I will visit the links you provided….thanks for your reply.
ADDED: To be honest here, all the people in the procedure room were professional, very kind, and I can only hope I get the same crew with my next shot at the watchman. Both doctors were wonderful. Just some minor hiccups is all.

All of the input here is very good to help as well with my decision to pursue the watchman device, thank you all.