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Tootsbury……l believe that is my name for this Site…..I have been a member for about a year but never sent a message. BUT finally my Catagory Has Come Up. I'll try to be Short….about 5 years ago (now 85) I started getting strange feelings on top of my head, it progressed to slight dizziness…Dr had no "clue". Had MRI …Normal….dizziness Increased….year later another MRI…Normal….no Neurologist where I lived so moved to larger City different Province in Canada. Saw Neurologist,another MRI..normal!!! Dizziness now sometimes Extreme ….All SENSATIONS NOW ON RIGHT SIDE of Head Now Pain Extends down side of head to right Ear and Jaw…….Neurologist Gave me Prednisone…woke up @ 3 am with EXTREME Pain from Top of Head to right foot….now take no meds….HELP NEEDED

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Hi, Toots. Thank you for sharing your story.

So sorry to hear that, after all this time, you're still experiencing these painful sensations.

Does the pain begin at the head, then travel throughout your torso to / through your right leg and to the foot? Puzzling symptoms!

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