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@larryg333-Hi. I’m curious if you were ever officially diagnosed with TN? Reason I ask is the Trigeminal nerve is involved in so many different things. Many people with migraine like headaches will present with some type of trigeminal irritation. Trigeminal irritation is triggered during stressful times. Trigeminal irritation can also lead to Vertigo .Many people think it is all inner ear related with the crystals, however that Trigeminal nerve runs right through the ear canal. The trigeminal nerve is the only nerve in the body that has proprioceptive (tells the body where it is at with space and balance). The Epley manouver doesn’t not work when it is purely Trigeminal nerve related. ENTs are surgeons first and foremost, A neurologist is best equipt to explain to you Trigeminal nerve and vertigo and how it happens.

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Thank you for the info, NRD1.

Some comments:

Although I've had fairly obvious TN symptoms for over 20 years, I never obtained an official diagnosis. Luckily, my symptoms have been mild, and very sporadic through the years. The acute times I've gotten the electrical sensations (mostly lower left cheek near my lips) while eating, washing my face, sometimes just talking or opening my mouth, or even if the wind would hit my face just right — I'd handle it the best I could, and in a day or two all would be back to normal. During my early experience with TN, I had my regular dentist (in PA) check my teeth and gums — because the pain sometimes seemed to come from my gum line; but all was normal.

Earlier this year, the above long-term pattern drastically changed. The sensitivity lasted through most of the day and remained for over a month. Just so happened that my six-month dental cleaning was scheduled during this time, and I reported it to my regular dentist (in FL)… again all was fine. That's when I obtained an appointment with a neuro.

Based on my history and symptoms, he concluded it was TN, and ordered a head scan with special emphasis on the trigeminal branches. That was normal, as well. Since I didn't wanna take the usual TN or pain meds (as an RN, I'm aware of the probs with them), he ordered lido patches and CBD oil. At this point, and before beginning treatment, I could sense that the symptoms were already starting to dissipate. Within a week, the symptoms were gone. IMHO, the lido and the CBD were not the reason for the improvement… my gut feeling was that the TN had just "run its course." All has been fine for the last six months or so.

I've never suffered from migraines. And while working as an attorney for 25 years, I experienced stress. That didn't seem to impact the TN at all. Nor have I experienced vertigo through the years.

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