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Hello @larryg333. I'd like to add my welcome to you. I'm glad that you posted about a possible BPPV diagnosis. I would encourage you, however, to seek the help of an ENT doctor and have the appropriate tests to rule out anything, more serious, that might be causing these symptoms. It is always better to make sure that there are no other problems that might be taken care of with additional exams, such as an MRI of the brain as well as some vestibular tests.

My symptoms are similar to yours. I do have problems with balance and dizziness when I spend time looking up and down. For example, I was helping a friend hang some pictures in a new home and I spent about an hour gazing up and down as we were working. The next morning I woke up with nausea and a spinning sensation. You do not mention any nausea with these symptoms. Have you had nausea as well?

If you seek the advice of an ENT doctor and all other problems are ruled out, I suggest that you ask about the possibility of vestibular therapy. You will be taught the Epley maneuver that Sue, @sueinmn, mentioned above. There are other exercises that can also be quite helpful. Here are some examples:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yL7TBP8fBtg and

Have you consulted with an ENT doctor yet?

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Hi, Teresa. And thank you for the vids.

Have not experienced any nausea or vomiting… in fact, now that I've been through a few of the spells, I kind of enjoy them, when I'm in bed and know that I'm safe. Is that a weird reaction??? ;>)

While in bed, I've noticed the spinning is more intense when I turn from left to right, and less so when going the other way. So I guess I'll have to do the maneuvers for both sides. Is it common to have the prob bilaterally? Thinking my strategy should be to solve the left to right first, and only after that's been corrected for a period of time, to then move on to the less severe right to left. Wanna make sure that fixing one side will not mess up the other. Ideas?

Have no clue what could have caused the crystal to jump into a canal it doesn't belong in. Can't imagine anything I've done — even inadvertently — to have messed up my ear anatomy. Baffling!

BTW, I have no issues while jogging, walking, doing resistance training, driving, sitting, etc. Very fit / active for my age (72), get regular medical check-ups / vaccinations / diagnostics, with excellent blood chemistry, diet, BMI… only diagnosis is mild afib (followed regularly by an EP). No mention of BPPV in my family history. I'm a retired RN.

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