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That was my reality for years as I had bilateral hearing loss and was only fit with one aid initially. The second 'hearing aid' I was fit with was a bicross that transferred sound from the unaided side to the side with the hearing aid. That was long enough ago that I had a wire in the back of my head from transmitting device to the receiving device. Next fit was wireless as technology progressed. Now I have a cochlear implant on the totally deaf side and still use a hearing aid on the other side. It works well.

Your husband may want to look into a bicross hearing aid, or possibly a BAHA (Bone anchored hearing aid) that is designed especially for single sided deafness. A cochlear implant may also be an option.

Unless he wants to get help for this you are probably stuck being his hearing ear doll. Not a problem, but the independence one gains from using technology can be life changing. Definitely; to each his/her own.

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Well, since we're both disabled. I doubt we'll be doing anything new for awhile. His hearing aid broke and no fixin' that baby much less getting a new one. He hated the thing anyway. We need to work on getting him new ones – ones he actually likes and won't break at the first sign of rough weather and life. Wyoming isn't exactly the easiest environment on gear like hearing aids.

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