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hi to a fellow a-fibber. I'm 81 - have a-fib for around 4-5 yrs. doesn't bother me with symptoms. but of course with what can happen if not dealt with. one cardiologist treated me w. metoprolol for a long time - then he referred me to another dr in his office. i didn't know what an electrophysiologist was - but the dr was one. he basically shoved a consent form in front of my face. said to have an ablation soon. i stupidly signed. then went home and researched and asked the dr questions which he couldn't or didn't answer to my satisfaction. he was like Salesman Sam. i went to another cardiologist - he tried the shock. 1st time it only held for a few minutes. then he increased the power and did it a 2nd time - held for around 20 min. so he gave me Tikosyn and I went back to my room... dr said he needed to watch for 3 days after the Tikosyn. It didn't hold. So he sent me home w. amiodarone and continued the metoprolol succinate ER. i was already taking Xarelto so I have continued that - 25 mg. day and night. I read up on amiodarone, got scared, quit it. I'm now with a new cardiologist who is great. So far I've had an echocardiogram which showed HF reduced ejection fraction (was done in the hospital when I was there for something else. Then another echocardiogram showed a much greater ejection fraction. My new cardiologist actually LOOKS at results from the hospital. He wants to do another one in his office (it's been a year since the last one.) I told him I was almost pushed into an ablation by a Salesman Sam. New cardiologist smiled. He apparently isn't recommending an ablation for me at this time. This is a long message. Hope it helps that I shared.

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I didn’t recognize most of the procedures you described except I’m being “encouraged” to have the ablation and I’m hesitant and cautious. I was on Motropolo, but was having AFib weekly.
Now I’m on Multaq and Verapamil, plus Eloquis and Berlanta. I have a few stents, ergo the last two meds. I’m getting very tired of all these pills that cost about $1000 per month - my copay!