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My heart goes out to you - if you know what I mean. I am in a-fib 100% of the time and have been for over 2 years. I'm 81, look 60, and am in excellent health according to my bloodwork and chest film according to my cardiologist. I tried cardioversion; it didn't last over 10 days. I can't walk over 2 blocks without being short of breath. The cardiologist at Mayo is reluctant to do another ablation as "it leaves a scar on the heart and the spot stiffens." He has ordered a treadmill appointment on Feb 8, which I dread, and then an appointment with an electrocardiologist later in the day. I sense a pacemaker coming. I'd like to know experiences with pacemakers. Please stay in touch. We are in this together.

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I guess I’m luckier than you. My AFib is only a couple of times a month. There’s talk of the cardiac ablation, but I am a person who feels’ less is better!’
As for a pacemaker, I’ve always been told it’s only to kickstart hearts, not for AFib. But this is pretty new to me; I had a heart attack last year and learned that cardiologists and their office staff leaves a lot to be desired!