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I have chronic Afib. For first year I was on medicines and was also given electric therapy ( shock) it became normal for two days but came back. Then my cardiologist suggested a number of options. I decided to go for Tikosyn. This medication is given by a specially trained cardiologist. I was admitted in the hospital and had to stay three days when they gave me the first six doses under medical supervision. After the first dose my pulse rate jumped to 180 after 2 hours. They immediately took care but I was not feeling any abnormality. So they kept watching. Next day the dose was reduced to 2.5 mcg. I was in syncs rhythm. They removed metaprolol and since then ( now two years) I am on Tikosyn and Eliquis and in syncs rhythm. It was a non invasive option so I chose it and so far I do not regret. I am fine. May be you can ask your doctor if this can be an option for you.

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Right now I am taking 400 mg amiodarone getting ready for a cardioversion on Feb 3. My pulse rate is staying good, but the least activity shoots my BP (both numbers) I feel fine. BP was 164/104 after doing regular housework this morning. I’ve never had high bottom numbers. My resting BP is ok. Should I call the Dr.?

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