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I also have burning in my feet and ankles shortly after going to bed. I usually use ice packs on my ankles for 30 minutes or so and it goes away. I have seen several neurologists over the past couple of years. My primary neurologist had muscle and skin biopsies done and says I don't have small cell neuropathy. Other specialists say I don't have CDIP, or inclusion body myositis. But then recently the primary neurologist said I had myositis.?? I am seeing my rheumatologist in a few days to see if she has any ideas. In the meantime, I have increasing pain and weakness that is somewhat controlled by gabapentin and tramadol. I am unable to do much of anything due to the weakness. I also have osteoporosis and I need to exercise but that is difficult to do with any consistency. I don't understand why it is so difficult to get a definitive diagnosis. It seems like these symptoms are fairly common. All he knows for sure (??) is that it is inflammation supposedly in the muscles. s

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Many thanks. I've seen three neurologists, one where I live and a two at teaching universites with excellent reputations. A doctor at one hospital says that I should hurry back for another test if my legs are getting week. The other doctor says the chances of a test showing anything treatable are "vanishingly small." I'm believe the second doctor's correct. Do they sell topical pain relievers in 55-gallon drums?