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How many nodes were involved? Did they erode into the lymphatics? Just because you're a nurse, you are now in the "club" that no one wishes to join! Please start writing down questions on a notepad that you think of between now and then so you can be sure to ask all your questions as when we're with the oncologists, it can be a whir of emotions. And if you can take someone else in with you, they may remember something that you don't. I was ER/PR positive but her2neu negative so for me it was chemo and then lumpectomy. Because I was worried about the other breast and asked for an MR breast which they did and found a second lesion. If you have ANY concerns, ask about that if, for anything else, peace of mind. I'm so glad that I did. After that it was on for another surgery at which time we went for partial mastectomies. My surgical oncologist explained that even with full mastectomies, they cannot remove all tissue and that you can still get breast cancer. Her other reason was that women that have full mastectomies can have lifelong neurological pain due to cutting through nerves. Following my second surgery, I underwent 30 radiation treatments because of the erosion into the lymphatics. What I want to have you understand is that even through all of this, each day is a blessing. There may be days of pain, but that will mostly go away. Following all of that, I was placed on aromatase inhibitors and went through two before finding the third choice one was with the least side effects for me. It's okay to ask "why me" and take time to get used to the idea of having cancer, but after that – take the bull by the horns and move forward. We're all here for you and pulling for your best outcome. All the best to you…Trixie

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I have only had biopsy of the mass at this point. I still have to meet with the oncologist, surgeon, and radiation MD. My understanding is they will start with Chemo up to 5 months before surgery. I do not know anything about lymph node or lymphatic. They are calling it Stage 2 and grade 3. Thank you for the advice and encouragement.