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suzanne2 (@suzanne2)

Falling and Shoulder Pain

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@suzanne2, How in heavens name did you tolerate that high-level pain from what appears to be a dislocated shoulder? I did that and was taken by ambulance to the hospital. They tied my arm to the ceiling light so it would be in an upward position and gave me more pain meds once I proved to them that I could use biofeedback to lower my blood pressure. I stayed in the ambulance shell until they got images and the orthopedic surgeon was called to come in at 4 a.m. to reset it. Are you sure you don't want to have it set and then help you learn how to recover as painlessly as possible?

Please see someone soon who can help with your pain. Ice, ice, ice to keep the swelling down if possible. The pain leads to anxiety about the pain which leads to more pain. You also, like me, may have torn a rotator cuff. And I say please again…..please don't let that go…..if it is torn you want it to have a chance to heal and become strong again. I hope your practice calls you right back. If not you must re-evaluate going to the ER. Do you have an imaging center where you can at least have some images done?

Is it just your shoulder or have you in any way suffered from fractures in your elbow? How far down does the pain travel? I apologize for the run of questions. It is just that you may be walking down my road…..very rough and bumpy.

Oh my…..you will be at the top of my "concerned" list. Please let all of us know the diagnosis and how we can continue to help you.
May you be safe and protected. What else can we do?

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@artscaping the pain has been an 8-10 and I didn't realize it was out of the socket until I accidentally popped it back in! Never had it happen before. I did get a video chat with my PCP this afternoon. He said the ER would not have seen me, not an emergency. The only thing insurance will let him do is refer me for physical therapy. If that doesn't work I can get an MRI and see an orthopedic doctor! Insurance rules medicine. I am getting some pain meds, Norco. Hopefully I can get into PT soon. Three weeks is way to long to have this go on.I thought I just twisted wrong.

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