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You are looking for ways to better tolerate the medication trio. May I ask what your provider has offered as an alternative to the medication trio?

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I have an interdisciplinary team of doctors…Pulmonary, ID, Rheumatologist, Ophthalmologist, & ENT, working on my behave, all connected through our health care system. The ID doc is covering the medication page and sees me accordingly. I believe because I am so early on in this…he is waiting to see if I can tolerate this plan. I began with just the two Azithromycin 500 & Ethambutol 1200 …will add the rifampin 600 on Sunday…this cocktail is 3 xweek. No alternatives have been offered yet. Comments made before beginning this protocol were “not everyone takes treatment “… I however met “qualifications “ low BMI and fear of weight loss, plus the persistent chest & back pains. I guess I am still too early on in this. My doctors are a good, compassionate, & professional team and we communicate easily via a healthcare portal. ID will follow me with labs for liver function…pulmonary for PFT. My next hurdle will be (if I tolerate meds) how to produce sputum for cultures…I have never had fever, cough, or sputum production. My MAC was confirmed after the bronchoscopy.

@erikas I have been following Mayo NTM for about a year. Just a note, not every good at following sometimes. Recently someone mentioned a few podcasts. I picked up on NTMtalk. It has been very helpful for me to see the big picture. As a moderator, I thought maybe you could mention this to the group. Thank you.