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Eliquis + Chest Pain

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Dear Amanda,
I didn't get any answer from my dr. I live in Norway and we have very difficult and delay procedure to get an appointment with a specialist.
They gave me painkillers without knowing what is the problem! From April until this day I have pain and cannot walk. I will get (Holter) on 16.12.2020, and not sure if the problem will be solved by our doctors here in Norway.I know it is either asthma or heart disease. I have nothing with my legs, I was a sport women the whole life.

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Have you been taking steroids? I was on for 4 years and suddenly developed steroid myopathy, which meant I could barely walk, get out of a chair, etc. Getting better now that off steroids, but neurologist said would take months to get back to normal. Feel for you.

@hayat. Since you cannot get to a doctor, can you talk to a pharmacist and ask if there are any possible drug interactions with Eliquis and the meds you are taking for your asthma. Eliquis should have a toll free customer service phone number, you can ask them if your pain and inability to walk can be a side effect. Can you go to the Emergency Room of a hospital without an appointment?