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My spouse tested positive, now what?

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Morning @becsbuddy– You hit the nail on the head with this suggestion! Preparing ahead of time is, of course, more than a kit. Essentials are masks, good 60% alcohol wipes, gloves, and plenty of TP and water if need be. Pulse oximeters, thermometers, and maybe a BP cuff. I hesitate about the BP cuff. They are expensive and many people don't understand the read-outs or how to use them. Also, I'm sure that all of our BP's are higher because of all the stress surrounding COVID-19 and anticipating vaccines.

Wearing masks, washing hands, and maintaining safe distances – These are the most important basics. Even after we are inoculated these will be even more important until most people are vaccinated.

About thermometers: Do you know what your normal temperature is? Most people don't. Mine is low so I feel if mine goes to 99 and above. I am pretty sick with a fever of 100+.
Here is a very, very long list of what could be in a kit:
I need to update ours. Thanks for the reminder!

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I am well stocked on the "basics" for a Covid kit but also have homemade broths/soups and easy-to-heat foods from the freezer as well as stocking cough drops, probiotics and Gatorade, to ward of dehydration.

Really appreciate the link for determining "normal temp" because I have no clue about that and think it would be well worth establishing. Thank you for both links, @merpreb

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