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My spouse tested positive, now what?

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@merpreb You asked “do you have people to help care for you”. I’ve been worrying about all my single friends in the neighborhood. Can they prepare ahead of time, just in case? I’ve been thinking about a ‘COVID kit’ that might be good to have on hand. Like good cough medicine, Tylenol, a pulse oximeter, a thermometer, etc.
What else would anyone suggest?

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@becsbuddy Hi Becky,

A COVID kit is a great idea! As a matter of fact, my internist suggested that when I last saw her. She suggested the same items you mentioned and added the blood pressure monitor to those on your list. I have them all in my night stand, so I'm ready. She said that she has had patients come into her office with very low oxygen levels that didn't even realize they are sick. She suggested using the pulse oximeter and the thermometer on a daily basis.

Morning @becsbuddy– You hit the nail on the head with this suggestion! Preparing ahead of time is, of course, more than a kit. Essentials are masks, good 60% alcohol wipes, gloves, and plenty of TP and water if need be. Pulse oximeters, thermometers, and maybe a BP cuff. I hesitate about the BP cuff. They are expensive and many people don't understand the read-outs or how to use them. Also, I'm sure that all of our BP's are higher because of all the stress surrounding COVID-19 and anticipating vaccines.

Wearing masks, washing hands, and maintaining safe distances – These are the most important basics. Even after we are inoculated these will be even more important until most people are vaccinated.

About thermometers: Do you know what your normal temperature is? Most people don't. Mine is low so I feel if mine goes to 99 and above. I am pretty sick with a fever of 100+.
Here is a very, very long list of what could be in a kit:
I need to update ours. Thanks for the reminder!

I would add some easy foods to the list, which require little or no prep. Some examples – low-sodium broth & soup, individual serving containers of fruits, applesauce & pudding, Gatorade or Pedialyte, ginger or peppermint tea, instant oatmeal or other cereal, pot pies or other frozen meals. I also keep a box or two of shelf-stable milk in case I can't get to the store, and a loaf of bread in the freezer for toast.

Also have the number of a pharmacy that delivers handy in case any meds need to be ordered for you (maybe more pricy, but necessary if you are really feeling bad.)

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