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hi fiesty,
I don't know your age or have long you have been in menopause, which is important for bioidentical hormones; Doctors fear beginning hormones after patients have been in menopause for too many years because of the fear that plaque may have built up and then have the risk of breaking loose when hormones are restarted and arteries may become more pliable.

all people with osteoporosis need to consult an endocrinologist; there are numerous diseases and conditions which may cause or impact osteoporosis .An endocrinologist should run a wide range of tests cking the parathyroid etc.
I also believe that everyone with osteoporosis needs to consult a hormone specialist....endocrinologists seldom ck sex hormones, but a hormone specialist should ck all hormones. You may find the name of a hormone specialist who works with bioidentical hormones by calling your local compounding pharmacy; that is a pharmacy that makes medicine, including hormones, just for you individually.

Let me throw out that I do not think anyone should take a progestin, a man made progesterone, which is usually a pill taken by mouth. The WHI report that spoke to the dangers of hormones was mainly speaking about progestins.
Plus, I do not think anyone should take an estrogen without progesterone. Some doctors says you don't need the progesterone if you have had a hysterectomy, but you probably still have your breasts, and you still have the cancer risk.
Research seems to show that about 50 mg progesterone daily for at least 3 weeks a month holds protection from cancer. I use it topically and vaginally.

Obviously, I am not a doctor. What I know is gleaned from reading research papers and consulting with my own doctors. We all have to make personal decisions about what is best for us, to read the research and consult with our doctors.
Good luck my friend!

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Thank you, @kathleen1314, for your additional information and recommendations. I am 77yrs, so long post menopausal.

I do know of one compounding pharmacy here and appreciate your pointing me in that direction as well. And with prediabetes, ckd, hi b.p. and COPD, I heartily agree that my best next move will be to ask my pcp for a referral to a good endocrinologist.