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@kathleen1314, Congratulations on your improved Dexa scores!
I've read a bit about strontium citrate and will ask my doc about it at my next visit. I've not heard of bioidentical hormones so could you elaborate a bit more or provide a good site for more info on that? Thank you for your post.

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Here is a posting on Inspire with lots of information about bioidentical hormones

Bioidentical hormones began an "item" after the WHI report which evaluated progestins (man made progesterones) and man made estrogens and estrogen from horses. This report showed a higher level of cancers and heart disease tied to these hormones. So these bioidentical hormones were begun to be safer and more effective.

Bioidentical are usually plant based, yam. and engineered to be chemically identical to what our bodies produce naturally.
Bioidentical usually are topical or vaginal....frequently are made for you personally by a compounding pharmacy. I know of no report tying balanced bioidentical hormone therapy to cancer, heart disease. Still, I have seen lots of research that says that estrogen always need to be balanced by progesterone for cancer prevention. Plus, hormone therapy needs to begun earlier rather than later for especially heart health.
Compounding pharmacies are the best place to go to ask for the names of hormone specialists in your area who prescribe bioidentical hormones. Also progesterone and estriol may be ordered off Amazon from large compounding pharmacies. Realize most of these off the shelf hormones will have preservatives in them in order to last longer on a shelf...not horrible but necessary to understand in making a decision whether to buy from a compounder or thru a mail order facility.

I will say that hormones are not easy. They need to be monitored regularly, and if you use them you need to listen to your body. One good thing about hormones is if they are "off" they are not silent they will speak out very loudly in symptoms.
That is why I prefer to use a topical hormone or a vaginal hormone. Something which I may change quickly if needed. In addition, I prefer never to use an oral hormone because of it definitely going thru the liver. Plus, many oral hormones are not bioidentical they are the dangerous progestins etc reviewed in the WHI report.

Yes bioidentical hormones may be complicated, but this is one very,very effective way to combat osteoporosis. It is also a "weapon" that has a time date; you need to begin hormone therapy sooner rather than later. So procrastination is not your friend when it comes to hormones.

I hope this helps...please feel free to message me personally with any questions.