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The title of this posting is "Healing osteoporosis without medication"

The poster is asking: "Hello, did anyone here try to heal from osteoporosis away from all the prescribed medications we all know of? Did you try following a specific diet? Excercise? Meditation, etc."

Interestingly, most of the answers which I see relate to Big Pharma medications and I do not see any numbers, dxa or bone measures to show any "Healing" of osteoporosis without medication or with medications.

Hate to repeat but here are my numbers again with only the intervention of supplements, including strontium citrate, and bioidentical hormones.

My numbers began at:
2004 Femoral Neck -2.8

In 2019 my numbers were:
2019 Femoral Neck -.6

No fractures, no side effects. I do not believe that osteoporosis is ever healed, but I believe that my numbers and lack of fractures and side effects show the disease is more than managed. My endocrinologist has released me unless my numbers change or if I have fractures.

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@kathleen1314, Congratulations on your improved Dexa scores!
I've read a bit about strontium citrate and will ask my doc about it at my next visit. I've not heard of bioidentical hormones so could you elaborate a bit more or provide a good site for more info on that? Thank you for your post.

Thx Kathleen. Hope you are doing well. Take care, Sunny

I was just diagnosed what did you do to get your numbers so much better. Can. you share your daily routine of supplements and vitamins please. thank you