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Hi All .I'm new to this site and am happy to be here. I have severe osteoporosis and have tried all the medications. I just had a bone density test and have not gotten the results yet. I'm currently on a newer drug called Evenity and have no idea if it will help. I have several compression or stress fractures and have lost almost 4 inches oh height. I would love any advice on how best to deal with my osteoporosis. And what results anyone has gotten from following a diet versus medications. Thanks all and take care and be safe!

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Hi, @loiscapecod and welcome to this group. As a long osteoporosis patient, I've been on numerous meds to treat it over the years. Very luckily for me, there have been no adverse side effects and other than following a combined dietitian recommended menu plan for prediabetes and CKD and making sure of calcium in my diet along with supplements, I've not followed a specific diet for osteo.

However, I was just told to take a yr. vacation from Reclast annual infusions because of having had it for 5 yrs. I will have a Zoom visit with my pcp in January and intend to ask what she recommends until I can resume the Reclast. I walk and do some weight bearing exercises and have experienced improved results from the meds prescribed but am now concerned about what to do going forward. While approved for Prolia, I am unwilling to try it because of reports of side effects and that if stopped, it can have adverse on previous gains.

I hope you'll share your Dexa results and let us know how the Evenity is working for you and whether there is improvement shown from the Dexa test.