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Hello @contentandwell

You speak of something that we all fear - taking meds for our bones. Some of us, because of other meds we have taken or because of other diagnoses we have (hypoparathyroidism) find our bones getting weaker in spite of our best efforts to reverse the trend. Last month I talked with my endocrinologist and I decided to start on once-a-month Actonel. The side effects do concern me, but I feel more concerned about a fractured hip or other bone. As a result, I started the Actonel at the end of November and I hope for the best.

Do you plan on starting the Tymlos in January?

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@hopeful33250 I think it probably be January. I will know more after my zoom appointment with the second endocrinologist.

I had been thinking that I wanted to wait until after the holidays but then I realized that we will not be doing anything for the holidays anyway so that doesn’t need to be a consideration.

Hello! I hope and pray the Actonel works well for you and that you have zero unwanted side-effects. Please keep us posted on how you are doing.
Many, many blessings and warmest wishes, Sunnyflower 😊🙏