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@imatine I was diagnosed with osteoporosis in September 2019 after a minor fall in July left me with a minimally displaced trochanteric femur fracture. I have been doing all of the right things -- getting plenty of calcium and protein, taking vitamin D, K, boron, and magnesium, and plenty of weight-bearing exercise. Before the pandemic I was going to my health club and alternating days of pool jogging with days in the gym working on strength equipment. I had been doing that for quite a while before my diagnosis, in fact, my PCP thought with all of the exercise I did that I would not have osteoporosis. He was wrong.

Now that I can no longer go to the gym I do at least an hour of exercise at home using videos. Some are weight-bearing and some are cardio. On days when weather permits I walk outside.

I had a DEXA on December 1st. My numbers are considerably worse than they were. I am on prednisone so that is part of my problem. My transplant team has finally cut my dosage in half so hopefully, that will help to keep it from getting worse.

I had an endo appointment a week ago and have another coming up with a different endo this week. To me, this is such a huge decision I wanted input from two highly regarded doctors. The doctor that I already did see thought my plan, to start on Tymlos to improve my bones for two years would be good. I will see what the doctor I am conferring with this week says. I have not yet decided which doctor I will choose to treat me.

Following those two years I would need to go on something else, the recommendation was Tymlos. I am finding that doctors tend to not recommend Tymlos because it is a daily self-administered injection, and it is expensive. I have figured out the cost for the coming year when checking the Medicare Plan D plans and it would be costly up until April or May ( a bit over $500 a month) for me and then the price would go down (a little over $100 a month). I think if it improves my bone density it will be worth it. By using the Medicare calculator though I save myself about $800 a year on my drugs by switching plans.

Admittedly, I am scared of any of these drugs but I am also scared of a more severe fracture. I don't see that I have many options.

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Hello @contentandwell

You speak of something that we all fear - taking meds for our bones. Some of us, because of other meds we have taken or because of other diagnoses we have (hypoparathyroidism) find our bones getting weaker in spite of our best efforts to reverse the trend. Last month I talked with my endocrinologist and I decided to start on once-a-month Actonel. The side effects do concern me, but I feel more concerned about a fractured hip or other bone. As a result, I started the Actonel at the end of November and I hope for the best.

Do you plan on starting the Tymlos in January?