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@ess77, I am taking a one yr sabbatical from Reclast and have been struggling with non-prescribed meds to keep my bones as healthy and strong as possible during these interim months. I do most of what you shared but the water therapy would be a greatly welcomed addition to my healthy bones regimen.

I know that weight bearing exercises are encouraged for osteoporosis patients but hadn't considered the water therapy. We have a p.t. facility near my home that offers water therapy. Think I'll give them a call and see if they require a doc's order to be eligible. You may have given me a new challenge to undertake for 2021 and I am eager to pursue this! Thank you!

My personal challenge for 2019 was to see if I could go 12 mos without purchasing a single piece of wearing apparel. Fulfilling that challenge led me to set walking 3 days/week on specific days as my 2020 challenge. So far, so good on that one too! Have been mulling a good challenge for the upcoming year and think your post has pointed me in the best direction!! Yay!

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Wonderful!!!! warms my heart to hear your response to my message. You go, girl....I began the therapy pool, 1 hour, 2X weekly, with a script from my neurologist. The pool is at the Y next to Brooks Rehab, so they share the therapy pool. I used it for a year with medicare. Now, the sweet folks at rehab are letting me continue to use it if there's room, not too many therapy patients in the pool. With covid, they have to keep it small. The Y hasn't opened the therapy pool yet for their members, so I can't use it during Y time. The rehab folks realize how important this is to my overall health and improvement....so they are helping me out. Tomorrow is pool day, if there's room. Can't wait!
Hope you enjoy and find it as helpful in as many ways as I. Blessings!