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Healing osteoporosis without medication

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OH, Fractures…sorry…no …I have had some bad falls, one on an icy trail onto a rock landing on my hip. Plus I guillotined my leg on a wet, mildewed dock step a year or so ago …. I thought that the dock fall might have left a small crack since a painful lump came up that took a few weeks to stop being painful and to go down ….but nothing that was serious enough to go to the doctor

I do have a friend who was fracturing fairly regularly….she thought from her previous osteoporosis drug….she began strontium citrate and the fractures stopped
I have another acquaintance who was fracturing also she believed from her osteoporosis treatment….she began strontium citrate and still had fractures

The research shows that strontium lowers the risk of fracture by about 47% ….so not 100% and not necessarily that high if you have been on osteoporosis drugs which have a side effect of fractures…

Research links and discussion on strontium and fractures

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Oh my gracious Kathleen, reading about those falls makes me wince! Eeeouch! Those deep bruises can hurt very much for a very long time! I had so many myself besides my Fxs and have had hematomas that last forever it seems like.

Thx again for the great info. Be careful! Blessings, Sunny

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