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Healing osteoporosis without medication

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Interestingly, I get good walks in when I go to Mayo Jax for appts. Three of the main builbings are connected by carpeted, very wide, beautiful – artwork on walls, plants, lots of windows-I walk the corridors through these buildings to the end, where I love the Mayo gift shop. Method there….I use a walker and do this unless I am really not able. That rarely happens, since I enjoy this walk to and from, and know what wonderful things it's doing for me. Climate controlled, beautiful, people……Also, beginning to do 'mall walking' with a friend, a day or two weekly. Walk only as far as is comfortable, I can rest if needed and enjoy the shop windows. This is something I'm just able to begin, since building strength with the other helps, vitamin supplements, water therapy…..I know it's not supposed to help much w/osteoporosis, but seems to be helping me. Also, helps most with pain. Hope my comments make sense…..

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Want to add one thought: The walking is surely helping with all areas. I couldn't walk well or far for several years until I started the water therapy. That strenthened my whole body, inside and out I suppose. My conditioning has now gotten to the point I can do the walking I need, like when I'm at Mayo….walking the connected buildings. It's a real jump forward for me to be 'mall walking'. Guess that is a good indication the combination of all the above….like Sue listed…..works together to help us get stronger and healthier. Now, understand, I will usually have a dip in my condition, from a fall or something that gets me back on the roller-coaster with this health. But, I'm stronger!!! Fewer falls since on Requip! I also have had bloodwork ckg my D3, B's, Magnesium, zinc…and hormones! Thyroid is so important, affects all my systems. I understand it is often lower as we age. Happened to me. Now, just HAVE to stay on top of the numbers. Just some thoughts…Elizabeth

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