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Healing osteoporosis without medication

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In 2004 I was 51 turning 52 at the very end of the year:
Firstly, my numbers
2004 Femoral Neck -2.8
2019 Femoral Neck -.6

I tried Doctor prescribed meds in 2004. I did not feel that I could live with the side effects.
I stopped the meds; I did lots of research and had some more tests run to ck my hormones.

I began a regime of:
Bioidentical Hormones
Strontium Citrate at night
Ez Orb Calcium in the morning; there are generic forms of this now available which are cheaper

All the usual suspects of good health were taken or cked…vit d, k, weight bearing and jarring exercise etc
Melatonin a small amount at night to sleep, I mention because a study has shown it to be helpful to encourage the body to grow bone.

I have had no known fractures and no side effects since beginning strontium citrate or this regime.

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Hi Kathleen, have you had some Fxs in your past? How much melatonin do you take? Sometimes just 3mg. keeps me awake! So strange. Good to know it can help grow bone! Take care, Sunnyflower

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