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Healing osteoporosis without medication

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@ess77 wishing you well too 😊👍🏼

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Hello, imatine. I just saw you asked me a couple questions in your reply??? 12/05.

I'm so sorry for missing them….I'm not on any meds for osteoporosis. l was first diagnosed with it at 35. At that time, I was on oyster shell calcium, the doc thinking it would be the best type of calcium. There were no treatments at that time no meds yet. 'Treatment' was to lose weight, add calcium to diet, take the supplements and exercise, which was almost impossible for me at that time. Basically, all the things Sue mentioned in her reply.

I did what I could and as directed, until I finally saw a rheumatologist….previous doc was neurologist! Don't know if rheumatologist were invented then! When I saw the rheumatologist, couple decades later, he diagnosed fibromylagia, also…. or at that time, female/anxiety/head issues.

But, I just had a bone scan and I have osteopenia now.

Boke all my toes, several more than once, as I have a tough time lifting my feet up going up stairs. Have for many years, & I'm always bare foot, so toes get hurt. They also don't heal well.

Last year I broke, at different but overlaping times, several litttle bones in both feet. After the second foot was broken, I was put in a walking cast for that foot, too. So, I was in 2 different casts and different designs from the same ortho doc, at the same time. For several days and nights.

Then, I was simply not capable of handling that situation. I was having some early heart failure. So, I…being me….said, 'Enough!' I couldn't do it. It was too much, more pain & I felt really awful getting worse and it was just too much. So, I took both casts off, put them in the closet and told my feet to heal! A ccouple of weeks later I was in the hospital with heart failure….edema mostly in my feet and legs.

You get the jist of this story. It got better with the attention I gave it with supplements, etc. Then, other things took over the front page and now, at 73, I'm just full of stories like a little ole' lady. I suppose I am…..an older, middle-aged woman. Blessings. Elizabeth

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