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Unexplained Itching

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Hi @bjbednarz, I added your discussion to the Skin Health group.

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You say the itching is all over your body. I think @artscaping can also relate. She has been experiencing neuropathic itching. Like @mannix, I believe her situation was worsened with stress.
@bjbednarz How long has it been since you stopped the medication that you suspect may be the culprit? Does stress seem to aggravate the itching?

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All various pruritus that I've studied, google, you know, has specific places of itch. I itch from the top of my scalp to my knees. And what I find odd, is that if one arm itches, the other arm itches identically. Both halves of my body itch equally. Neuropathic itching sounds the most likely cause, but a Neurologist did an MRI from the top of my neck to the bottom of my tail bone, and could not identify anything she thought might be causing the itch. I still believe Neuropathic itching is the culprit, but how to pinpoint the exact reason and fix it seems to be the problem. I haven't taken any of that medicine since January 2019. I guess I probably have as much stress as the next person. Nothing in particular especially stressful. I will definitely check out @artscaping.