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Ty for your reply. Good info. What cancer concerns using hydroxyurea do you know of? The magnesium issue is new info too. I will look into this especially since cognitive impairment is presently an issue. cognitive impairment began shortly after beginning hydroxyurea. Dr says not connected to each other. But I think the timing is too coincidental to not be considered. Side effects from anagrelide? Or red palm?

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The first link contains the info I know about a possible cause and types of cancer. Ask your doctor as how it may effect you. The next contains a section on toxicity and dosage of tocotrienol. My wife experienced no side effects. She used the Now brand red palm tocotrienol. The oncologist approved it's used but did not recommend it. I think it took about nine to twelve months. There was no effort to push. She is a small person and the dosage was adequate. Always consult your health care professional before using any supplement. The third link is about thiamine and discusses fat soluble forms that are able to pass through the blood/brain barrier more effectively than water soluble forms. The last link is a followup on thiamine's role in an unexpected area.

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