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Thank you for getting back with me – I truly am appreciative for you input. Have questions and am willing to do any tests recommended.
So far he has not suggested any other tests, just the med when Platelets reach 1 million.
I am totally clueless what arm of the blood work showed the JAK 2 Mutation. It was my 3 visit he told me of JAK 2 and very little blood work was done for that visit. I always get copies of my blood work.

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My doctors at Sloan Cancer Center told me that you must do a bone marrow procedure and a molecular panel before you can properly diagnose any form of blood cancer or Leukemia. I was misdiagnosed based on a blood test. It appears your Hematologist may be making the same mistake my Hematologist made. Incidentally, I no longer see that Hematologist because she said to me, “I know exactly what’s wrong with you and I know how to treat you.” She then said I didn’t need a bone marrow procedure. The Sloan doctors said she’s wrong and the very first thing they did was the bone marrow procedure and the molecular panel. Based on those tests I now have a diagnosis based on science, not a doctors analysis of my symptoms.

@pattitoo, here's more information about lab testing done for JAK2 mutation https://labtestsonline.org/tests/jak2-mutation

I'm so glad that @mjpm2406 and @helen2209 have similar experiences to share to help you know what questions to ask. Pat, what did your doctor say the next step is?