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@mayofeb2020 thx for your feedback….I will try to offer occasional insights from my walks, but I’m not a photographer as I just enjoy being outside and being in the woods (as that is where we live). I have found walking in the winter to be such a quiet and peaceful time to walk and we (my husband joins me) rarely ever see people. Today an eagle soared overhead as it must have enjoyed the strong winds that made it very cold and not quiet…..but seeing an eagle (migizii in Ojibwe) fills my soul. ❤️❤️

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@migizii, I had wondered about the origin of your username. How lovely to hear that it means eagle in Ojibwe. It sounds like you have a special connection to eagles. I'd love to hear more.

FYI to everyone: The winter project I'm turning my energies to is birding. I'm intent on backyard birding. My office is on the second floor and I have the advantage of seeing bird up close and personal in our backyard apricot tree. Especially in the winter it is full of cardinals, bluejays and juncos. The neighbor's property behind us is higher than we are and the red-tailed hawk family love to perch on their tall pine. Birding also gets me away from my desk. I'm learning more about identifying birds and their calls during morning and weekend walks. Naturally my thoughts often return to my garden as I plan which plants to use to attract butterflies, bees and birds.

@migizii Seeing an eagle is so beautiful I love now in a senior building and up on our roof saw a golden eagle so beautiful I walk as much as I can just found out I have stenosis in lower back When out walking I only see traffic no nature 😞

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