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@migizii. . No, we don't talk to each other on our walk if that's what you mean. We share our thoughts, what we see on our walks and sometimes we share pictures… There are quite a few great photographers in the groups. I had supporting and encouraging words from many when my back and hip pain stop me from doing my regular routine, which I am always grateful. There's no requirement that you share everyday either. I join the group in February and I must say it had added so much to my life I'm glad I did it.

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@mayofeb2020 thx for your feedback….I will try to offer occasional insights from my walks, but I’m not a photographer as I just enjoy being outside and being in the woods (as that is where we live). I have found walking in the winter to be such a quiet and peaceful time to walk and we (my husband joins me) rarely ever see people. Today an eagle soared overhead as it must have enjoyed the strong winds that made it very cold and not quiet…..but seeing an eagle (migizii in Ojibwe) fills my soul. ❤️❤️

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