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Much like Sue's @sueinmn husband my hands and feet are really sensitive to the extreme cold in Minnesota. Normally it's not a problem unless we get a lot of snow and it takes me more than 30 minutes to clear it from the driveway and sidewalk. My feet aren't as bad as the hands since I I double up on socks and have felt lined snow boots. I've yet to find the perfect glove to keep my finger tips from feeling like they are getting frostbite after 20+ minutes. I'm currently using hot packs with wool mittens inside of some army surplus leather cold weather mittens. 2 years ago I bought battery powered gloves but they were a total fail for me as they only heated the palms and it's my fingers that get really cold.

So for winter this year I'm starting to get optimistic again. After buying some Fish Monkey Yeti Gloves from Cabela's with some really weird features (squeegees on each pointing finger and nose wipe pads on the back of the thumbs 😂) – https://www.cabelas.com/shop/en/fish-monkey-yeti-gloves.
After spending more than I wanted on the Fish Monkey gloves, I found some different battery powered gloves that heat the back of the hand and the fingers at Costco which I'm hoping will work when it's really cold.

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John – Minnesotan and Arctic explorer Will Steger would tell you to "ditch the gloves" – for driving, etc they may be fine. I would agree. For time outdoors, wear mittens with wool, shearling or fleece lining (absorbs and sweat while you are moving to keep hands dry) and windproof exterior. Having the fingers together without cold air circulating around them keeps them warmer. All the old ice-fishermen wore "choppers" for exactly that reason – heavy wool liners inside leather or canvas mittens.
My favorites come from REI – I was even able to make slush balls with the boys, and while my hands got a little cold, they were nice and dry.

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