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Hi Chris, thank you for your thoughtful message. I had just about finished a message to you when my iPad said “emergency iPad too hot “ and turned itself off. So I put it in the refrigerator for a little while to cool it down. I had been sitting with it on my lap with the sun shinning through the window onto my pad. First time that’s happened. So I’ll start again.. I’m trying to meet with a clinician but it’s a long process and now everything is cancelled because of the COVID 19. I will take my meds and get a diagnosis if I can get in there before we move. Structure in my life is nonexistent at the moment, each room has been torn apart to redecorate and to pack some things away. We still have quite a bit to do, outside also. I do have a calendar on my refrigerator and on my phone, I don’t always remember to check it. I get up at 6am each morning, an hour before my daughter gets up and then my husband. I enjoy the quiet time to have my tea and read the news on my tablet. I even try not to wake the cats and dog up. One of my cats is demanding as soon as he wakes up. I also have a daily bible reading I do.
It would be good for my husband to learn something about MCI, we do usually include each other in decision making, but I tend to keep my thoughts to myself, while he tells me so much about everything it boggles my mind. You say he “may be more invested in the outcome “. I don’t think either of us know the outcome or how to achieve it. When you say “ step by step “ it reminds me of a very funny old movie called “Baby steps.”
Have a good day, 🍷 here’s to our memories.

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Good evening @emylander, thanks for the good cheer. How did you know that I love red wine?

I am just thinking about you and wondering how things are going during the CORVID-19 crises. Are you sequestered and free from threat of the virus?

Are you noticing some MCI situations? I do. I have also succumbed to some pretty high anxiety including electrical shocks and tingles all over my head. I have to stop what I am doing and take 10 deep breaths.

Baby steps just mean that relationships are quite challenging especially when there is a medical condition involved. I have unwittingly let my frustration and anxiety spill over a bit the last couple of days. We just got our groceries delivered and sort of had two opinions about how to sanitize them. That's all done and we needed a break from solving problems and now from each other. He is string trimming on the river bank and I am writing to you. Perfect.

What I do know is that family members, especially males. want to fix you. And when they cannot, they become a bit unglued.

If it's ok with you, I am going to put you on my "message list" so that I can check in every once in a while. You can always let me know what's going on and how your days are going as you climb your uphill battles with the house, the move, and the memory. We will just work around this horrific pandemic.

May you be content and at ease.