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I am “brand new” to this site, but 77 yrs old with MCI w/o Alzheimers, that started noticeably in February 2018. I started retiring from my engineering consulting business and am now about 90% retired. We live in Chattanooga TN and Jekyll Is., GA. I hope to attend the next Habit program, hopefully in Jacksonville.
I have a low heartbeat (bradycardia) and was provided a pacemaker in October. I’m on donepezil/Aricept and memantine, B12/B6 (5000mcg/300mg) twice/day, plus supplements for heart, Calcium, Centrium silver, D3. I brisk walk 20-40 min./da. about 5 days/wk. I do about 10 repetitions of 7 weight-related exercises about 3times/wk.
I use my PC, iPad Pro, and iPhone to cope with MCI on many aspects of my functioning as well as close family members to assist me at times with more challenging issues. I use team members to assist me on challenging work issues.
I can still do Bible studies and quasi lead small group studies.
I am very interested in learning more about how to best function with MCI. Everything I engage in takes much more time and I have great difficulty meeting schedules, commitments, and deadlines, as well as multitasking in day-to-day functioning, plus sticking to plans on a daily basis.
Thanks, Jim.

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Welcome, @jimruanetn. You'll notice that I removed your email from your message above. Connect is a public site and we recommend not posting personal contact information. We don't want you to get unwanted spam.

Here's a blog post that you might find interesting.
- Patient Spotlight: How I Use My Calendar to Cope with Memory Issues https://connect.mayoclinic.org/page/living-with-mild-cognitive-impairment-mci/newsfeed-post/patient-spotlight-how-i-use-my-calendar-to-cope-with-memory-issues/

Jim, you seem to be able to use technology effectively. Do you have a tech background or use technology in your work? You mentioned that you find schedules, commitments and deadlines challenging. What is the biggest challenge: Remembering things, staying organized or the judging the time it takes to complete tasks?

Yes! I just complained that everything I do takes more time and includes frustration and anxiety over the tasks. I can’t get a lot done! I probably don’t have a lot of productive hours in a given day so I leave too many things not quite done, put on a list which I may or may not remember to return to. I simply cannot multitask anymore. I also don’t easily meet schedules or commitments. I miss appointments, arrive late. Others with MCI and the same difficulties are fortunate to have a husband or wife or bonded friend or personal assistant to actually say what to do when and to get them out and to commitments on time. Living alone with MCI is a almost more of a challenge than I can handle.