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Hello – I also wanted to invite a few Mayo Clinic Connect members who were discussing mild cognitive impairment (MCI) on one of the Mayo Clinic Connect pages, the Living with Mild Cognitive Impairment page https://connect.mayoclinic.org/page/living-with-mild-cognitive-impairment-mci/, to join in this discussion.

Please meet @lindaburdett @kingstonian @emyliander. Wondering if each of you three might introduce yourselves and talk about whether you have an MCI diagnosis or are wondering about it, and any symptoms you've been experiencing?

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Hello, as I mentioned I am in my early 70’s, I do not have a diagnosis of MCI but feel that my memory is getting worse all the time. I loose many things, forget many things in a day, read an article in the morning but can’t remember what it was about in the afternoon. I forget appointments and dates with friends. I get busy doing things at home, then go in another room and forget to go back to what I was doing. I forget to eat breakfast until around noon time, then by supper time I’m starving hungry with a low blood sugar. I’ve lost about 15lb give or take a few.
I also have been on Venlafaxine for a number of yrs and needed an increase back in August. Also we are planning to sell our home of 48 yrs and move to NY. So that takes a lot of planning and trying to downsize. So I don’t know what to attribute my forgetfulness to, or if at this time I should do anything about it. Sometimes I can laugh at it, such as when I called someone to ask the best time to take a meal to them and asked them to call and let me know. They didn’t call so I just took it at 5pm. A couple of weeks later I was deleting some calls on my cell phone and heard the message I had supposedly left for my friend, but obviously I used the home phone and left the message on my cell phone. Other times I am reduced to tears and embarrassment.
What do you think I should do. Skylark